A Journey Round Our Club


You will be surprised as you walk to the top of the natural path as it opens up into 4 tennis courts set in lovely grounds surrounded by lawn and trees. 

Set away from the road it is a picturesque, natural place to be in the centre of Sanderstead.  A great place to play tennis with friends, family and club members. 


At the heart of the grounds are four tennis courts.  The courts are well maintained and there are 4 bright orange chairs on each court for a little break when needed.  Courts 1 and 2 have the benefit of floodlights.  

There is an easy-to-use on-line booking system for members to book each court.


We have a large patio area where you can have a drink, a chat and watch the tennis.  Seating is already there waiting for you.

Club House 

The outside of the club house has recently been painted and protected against the elements.  We have made it a bright green colour so you will spot it as you walk up the path.  A cheerful sight.

We have also refurbished the inside of the club house, introducing a contrast of green paint on the back wall and corridor to both changing rooms. There is a hand sanitiser for all to use. 

The club house is light and airy with the addition of new modern tables .  Viewing the tennis in comfort from the club house is a pleasure. Or there is room sit and have a drink and chat with friends.

We have a small kitchen and a fridge available to members to make themselves tea or coffee, which are supplied.  We have a teapot if you want to make a brew. There are a selection of mugs available for members to use, or you can use disposable cups for hot drinks, made from re-cyled paper. 

Changing Rooms

Our Ladies' and Male changing rooms have recently been re-furbished with new carpet tiles throughout and freshened up with white paint.